Title of the action: Increasing the Capacity of CSOs for Consumer Protection

Project No: TR2016/DG/03/03/415

Project start and End Date: 01.04.2021-30.06.2022



overall objective;

Strengthening civil society for consumer protection in Turkey.

Specific objectives;

-To strengthen the organizational and institutional capacity of CSO networks.

-To monitor, lobby, advocate, and participate in decision making regarding consumer protection.

, a stronger international network of consumers will share best practices and help solve policy problems related to consumer protection and contribute to the democratic governance in Turkey.

The action will enhance the organizational and institutional capacity of TUKO-BIR through trainings and international networking with the project partners.

It will also increase the participation of CSOs in public policy and decision making to improve the democratic life in Turkey through workshops, study visits, monitoring efforts, collaborative meetings, a road map and policy suggestions.


The results of the project involve overall impact, five outcomes and six outputs. The expected impact is stronger Civil Society for consumer protection in Turkey.

 Table 1 shows the project outcomes and how they are related to the project outputs

Table 1: Project Outcomes and Outputs

Outcome 1: Increased management, communications, and advocacy capacity

Output 1.1. Twenty trained representatives on public communication strategies, advocacy, and lobbying

Output 1.2. Twenty trained representatives on project cycle management, human resource management, and financial management, activity videos, class notes

Outcome 2: Increased monitoring of consumer rights at policy and implementation levels

Output 2.1. One workshop report, a best practice report, an international policy network, an annual monitoring report

Outcome 3: A consumer protection roadmap

Output 2.2. One survey report, a best practice report, a workshop report on consumer protection guidelines, a social media campaign

Outcome 4: Increased collaboration with public authorities to solve problems of consumers

Output 2.3. One coordination structure with public authorities, meeting reports

Outcome 5: Increased awareness for making necessary public policy decisions

Output 2.4. One report on legislative changes, social media campaign


• The main groups are 40 representatives from TUKO-BIR and its branches, 3 representatives from InfoCons, 3 representatives from ADC, 3 representatives from BNA target and 3 representatives from TUKPG as well as 20 representatives from other CSOs, 17 representatives from other public authorities , and 20 representatives from private organizations.

• By developing the capacity of their representatives, the capacity improvement of CSOs are targeted.

• Both public and civil society organizations work on consumer protection, as the private organizations are the ones with interest to address customer and rights. The representatives from TUKOBIR, InfoCons, ADC, BNA are the legal representatives from their central offices and formally affiliated branches. The representatives from TUKPG are employees/specialists with work, experience, and knowledge on consumer rights and protection.

• The final beneficiaries are as follows: Millions of consumers in partner countries; CSOs working on consumer protection in all three countries; universities and research institutions with interest on consumer rights and protection; public authorities at all levels that work issues concerning consumer protection; private organizations which offers products and services.

The criteria for selection: The diversity of backgrounds, interest, and previous monitoring/advocacy experience will be considered. In selecting the participants to project activities, there will be written test, if the applications exceed the specified quotes. Additionally, 50% of the participants will be women, as 25% will be young and at 5% will be handicapped.


The project's activities are presented below under three clusters such as;

• Preparedness,

• Implementation,

• Dissemination and evaluation.

Project Partner


• TUKO-ONE-Turkey

• www.tuko-bir.org.tr.


• INFOCONS , Romania

• http://www.infocons.ro


• General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance;(TUKPG) Turkey-2013; Public Organization)

• Bulgarian National Association Active Citizens; (BNA) Bulgaria-1998; Association

• Associazione Difesa Consumatori e Ambiente; (ADC) Italy-1987; Association